1. Set 13.0 to iOS Development Target for PROJECT

  2. Set less than 13 to Target of "Development Info" for TARGET

  3. Add var window: UIWindow? to AppDelegate Class

  4. Add @available attribute to instance methods in AppDelegate Class

    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    func application(_ application: UIApplication, configurationForConnecting connectingSceneSession: UISceneSession, options: UIScene.ConnectionOptions) -> UISceneConfiguration
    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    func application(_ application: UIApplication, didDiscardSceneSessions sceneSessions: Set<UISceneSession>)
  5. Add @available attribute to SceneDelegate Class

    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    class SceneDelegate: UIResponder, UIWindowSceneDelegate {
  6. Add @available attribute to ContentView Struct
    Add @available attribute to body in ContentView Struct

    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    struct ContentView: View {

    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    var body: some View {

    and also add to Other View Structs.

  7. Add @available attribute to ContentView_Previews Struct
    Add @available attribute to previews in ContentView_Previews Struct

    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {

    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    static var previews: some View {

    and also add to Other View_Previews Structs.

  8. add Storyboard file & UIViewController Class files

  9. Set [Storyboard file name] to Main Interface of "Development Info" for TARGET

  10. Add SwiftUI.framework to Link Binary with Libraries of "Build Phases", and then set Optional to Status

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